Green lettuce diet

Leaf lettuce — Also known as looseleaf, cutting or bunching lettuce, this type has loosely bunched leaves. Varieties tend to mature in about 55 to 60 days. Summary Cabbage has thick leaves and comes in various colors. Since the s, they have often been used as a garnish or decoration, but they have many more uses.

Brian Connolly About the Author: Beet Greens Since the Middle Ages, beets have been claimed to be beneficial for health. This is where lettuce comes to your rescue. The flavour is slightly bitter, but less so than frisee.

They typically measure 1—3 inches 2. Turnip Greens Turnip greens are the leaves of the turnip plant, which is a root vegetable similar to beetroot.

The fourth phase is identical with the second phase of the diet. Vegetables in this plant family contain glucosinolates, which give them a bitter flavor. Even so, there are a few tricks to make the diet a bit more pleasant.

Leaf or loose leaf or cutting or bunching lettuce Figure 3. Antioxidants and Other Nutrients Romaine lettuce on cutting board with knife Image: For more of my 5: While all four types of green lettuce are considered a healthy addition to your diet, romaine lettuce is considered the most nutritious.

The name comes from the buttery feel and creamy color of the inside leaves. Vitamin K is known for its role in blood clotting. The Food and Drug Administration recommended daily values for the nutrients are 1, mg of calcium, 18 mg of iron and 3, mg of potassium.

Kale has become the darling of smoothie lovers, but its somewhat bitter flavor also can be tempered by sauteing or steaming. In summer, some varieties tend to develop slimy internal rotting. Darker greens such as spinach, romaine, Swiss chard, endive, leaf lettuce, escarole, radicchio and arugula provide a variety of flavors and nutrients, and they have greater amounts of nutrients than iceberg lettuce, reports OrganicFacts.

Phase 3 The third phase lasts 3 days, and requires you to eat only the lettuce salad throughout the entire day.

The 13 Healthiest Leafy Green Vegetables

They also contain the antioxidants beta-carotene and lutein, which may reduce the risk of eye disorders, such as macular degeneration and cataracts.

Vitamin A Butterhead lettuce growing in soil Image: Amie lives in Manhattan, NYC where she cooks for a variety of clients including celebrities and people with busy lifestyles who enjoy healthy, fresh food. Further studies need to investigate these benefits in people.

Romaine or Cos lettuce Figure 4.

Green Leaf Lettuce

In addition, selenium is important for proper thyroid gland function. Characterized by a tight firm head of crisp, light green leaves with a white, densely packed heart. Studies have found that they may decrease stress in your body and reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer and inflammation.

Grown for their crisp, sweet, juicy crunch most varieties take about 80 days to develop densely packed heads. Summary Microgreens are immature greens, which have been popular since the s.

Lettuce Diet

Other Factors Organically grown lettuce Image: The outer leaves are large and ruffled, often loosely folded, and darker green or brownish in color. Outer leaves can be a bit tough, but the ribs are tender and crunchy.

Frisee-endive Frisee Endive This is a spiky firm textured leaf, which is mildly bitter with a slight grainy texture.

Green Goddess “50 Calorie” Soup Recipe – A Green Smoothie in a Soup Bowl!

Spinach beats the pack when it comes to folate, a B vitamin that promotes heart health and may blunt the development of breast cancer.The green vegetable diet is a popular source for many vegans and vegetarians who enjoy pairing fresh and frozen greens with other healthy natural foods, such as avocado and heart-healthy oils, to reap the antioxidant benefits.

Green Goddess “50 Calorie” Soup Recipe – A Green Smoothie in a Soup Bowl!

How to Do the Eat Only Green Vegetable Diet

I used an assortment of lettuce leaves, herbs and green leaves in this soup – my “lettuce glut” was some Batavia lettuces that I bought from a local farmer’s market and that needed using festival-decazeville.coms: Leafy green vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. They’re packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber but low in calories.

Eating a diet rich in leafy greens can offer numerous health. Green Lettuce. 93 likes. Professional Catering for Healthy and Diet Program. Lettuce is filled with minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients so the few calories lettuce provides are nutrient-dense.

Lettuce provides vitamins A, C, E and K. It contains several B vitamins including niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, pyridoxine and thiamine. It is filled with chlorophyll, the compound that makes plants green. Chlorphyll improves oxygen flow to cells, releases toxins and is.

What Is the Healthiest Lettuce to Eat?

Healthy Green Foods To Eat: Eating more green vegetable, fruits, and even green tea can have major health benefits. Green leafy foods provide much needed Green leafy foods provide much needed If you're trying to get healthy or lose weight, then following a diet .

Green lettuce diet
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